At, we leverage technology to assist in planning your exit strategy.

As a technology savvy firm, we understand you want to have all your advisors working together and sometimes that is not convenient.

So we have developed a software program that combines a business broker, accountant, financial planner and business valuation professional to assist you in planning your exit.

Dave Bandars, the president of RPR Associates and Owner of was interviewed and discussed the product in details.

Part 1  – Why your broker might not be helping as much as you think, What is the software (15 Min)

Part 2 – Understanding deal structure, bankers expectations, selling to family members (15 Min)

Part 3–  Understanding how this tool can help you sell for more. (15 Min)

For more information about this product, contact us at 402-305-6088.


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Posted on Dec 23, 2013

Contact Info – David Bandars

 12110 Port Grace Blvd. #201, LaVista, NE 68128