Counter Offer Analysis

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Counter Offer Analysis

Getting that first actual offer in writing for the business that you have spent years building is pretty exciting.  Knowing what to do next is very important.

Our company provides a tool set that will not only help you value your business and show you the amount of money you will walk away from after taxes, but it will also show the business owner (Seller) exactly how to counteroffer.

Your other advisors such as your CPA and your Investment Professional can be of service to you during the counter offer stage as well.  But what if the offer comes in at tax time and the CPA cannot get back to you for two weeks?  Shouldn’t you counter offer within 24 to 48 hours of getting an offer?  You don’t want to lose a qualified buyer do you?

Our proprietary system will help you make an informed decision as to how to counteroffer.  Each counter offer you make will be affected by State and Federal taxes and that will affect the amount of income you will collect after the sale of the business.

Use our tool set to calculate the many hundreds of numbers it will take to help you make an informed decision on this final piece of the financial negotiation!

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