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Valuing Your Business …. And a Whole lot More!

There are many reasons to get your business valued. Our business valuation experts provide a comprehensive solution unlike any you have seen before.

Our business valuations are affordable and tailored to small business needs.

  • Our analysts are qualified to complete small business calculations
  • We can provide a valuations for every business need
  • Our analysts have over a decade of experience in calculating the value of small businesses

Valuation Products

·         Retirement Planning Report (starting at $1500) – Our Exclusive comprehensive report used to value the business, determines fair market value, deal structure scenarios, and predicts after tax “walk away numbers” from sale of the business. We also calculate the estimated retirement income you will have for each year following the sale of your business. Great for making that important decision on selling or not.

·         Broker’s Opinion of Value (starting at $450)– A quick, easy, low cost report done by a business broker. Great for “checking up” on your business value or deciding on a selling price.

·         Business Valuation Report (starting at $3000) – Formal summary report used for non-litigation situations, such as obtaining a loan or determining minority interest value.

·         Business Appraisal Report (starting at $7500)– Formal comprehensive valuation report used for litigation support. This is required for review by third parties such as the IRS.


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