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If you have decided on the business you want to buy, using a third party intermediator allows you to negotiate a deal that is fair for you, the buyer, but not to the detriment of the seller.

This type of engagement is called Buy-Sell Intermediation.

 Why have a third-party help negotiate a deal?

Using a third party for intermediation is beneficial because:

  • Both buyer and seller are able to talk freely and ask important questions without one side or the other being offended.
  • Often deals can break up because the negotiation becomes a contest.  You have our commitment to not allow that to happen.
  • Attorneys and CPAs are important team members however; they can sometimes be DEAL KILLERS. Our process helps keep the advisors in the loop but not allowing them to put the deal at risk.
  • A successful transaction is usually one where the risk is balanced perfectly between the buyer and seller.  This can be hard to accomplish because of the insecurities that both parties have going into a transaction.  Our process can help to negotiate through the uncertainties and the insecurities that both parties natural feel.
  • You have a better chance of getting the deal done if you have an advisor whose main function is to see that a fair deal gets done.

Buying a business is a complex process and with our Buy-Side Intermediation service, we can streamline that process for you and help you buy the business you want.

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