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More than a Business Valuation – A Decision Making Tool

A business valuation can answer the question: What is my business worth?

But it  cannot answer the question: What will my financial life look like after the sale?

For the first time, there is a comprehensive decision making tool available that answers these questions and more.

  • What is the fair market value of my business?
  • How will the payment for my business be structured?
  • What are the tax ramifications of that deal structure?
  • What will my income look like for each year I live after the sale?

So before paying for an expensive business valuation that only gives you 25% of the information you need about the transition out of your business, review our proprietary Business Owner’s decision making software program.

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Four Parts to Determining A Business Owner’s Retirement

Establish Fair Market Value

Our system uses the valuation model the bankers prefer or plug in your own valuation.

Determine Deal Scenarios

Most businesses are not sold in cash.  The deal structure is made up of many parts.  Our system allows for an interactive way to view your own tailored deal structure to fit the offer you are considering.

Determine Tax Ramifications

After fair market value and deal structure are completed, our system is then able to calculate the tax ramifications of the sale.  You will most likely need to know a good estimate of your after tax sale proceeds before you decide to sell your business.

Assessment of Income

The last step is to look at all fixed and variable forms of income from both business and personal sources.  This analysis will predict your year over year  income after the sale of the business.

An Assessment Program that Considers Everything You  Own

Much time and effort is spent by advisors working on your personal investments and savings.  Most income projections fail to do the work necessary to consider your biggest asset: your business asset.  Our exclusive comprehensive analysis tool calculates your income based on all of your assets.


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