All the tools you need to transfer a business and more.  

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Selling Your Business Yourself

Selling your business yourself is a process and we have several programs to guide you through this process.

For Sale By Owner

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Valuing Your Business

Choose from 4 different types of valuations depending on your needs. We have a valuation product for every budget and need.

Valuing Your Business

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Retirement assessment tool

Comprehensive Review of Retirement

Exclusive access to our proprietary comprehensive assessment tool that can predict just how your business will sell, and what your retirement income will look like for each year after the sale of the business.  

Determining Your Retirement

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Merger and Acquisition Business Consulting

Whether you need a third-party to help you negotiate a sale with a known buyer, or you need help growing your business in preparation for selling it, we have the experts to support you.  

Business Consulting

Business consulting - merger and acquisitions

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Planning Your Business Exit

Whether you are planning to transfer your business to a family member, key employee or sell the business, having a plan will reduce stress and streamlines the process.  

Exit Planning

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Counter Offer Analysis

Getting that first actual offer in writing for the business that you have spent years building is pretty exciting.  Knowing what to do next is very important.  

Counter Offer Analysis

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