Everyone Exits Their Business at Some Point

At some point every owner leaves his or her business, voluntarily or otherwise.  At that time every owner would like to get the maximum value out of the business.

Is your personal net worth tied primarily to your ownership of the company?

Do you have a team of advisors who can help you exit your business on your terms?

Even Healthy People Plan Their Exit

Even if you are 40 years old and in the peak of health, even if you plan to work and also climb tall mountains in the Himalayas until you’re 100, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you still need to start planning your exit strategy.


Why Exit Your Business

At some point, you will want to get your money out of your business. Yes, you may be making a good living out of your business and able to take an occasional vacation with your family, but there is generally a lot more tied up in your business than your revenue stream from it: hard assets like land, plant, factory or offices; heavy equipment, computers and software, inventory, office equipment.

In part 2 we will talk about knowing what your role is in exiting your business.

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Posted on Jan 30, 2014

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