The team at RPR Business Associates has many decades of experience in assisting business owners to sell or merge their existing businesses.

Over the years, we have developed unique tools to help business owners decide if they should sell their business or keep it and grow it.  These tools are now available to any business owner looking for a tool that can help them predict their financial future.

Through this site, we provide valuable free business exit planning information and resources to business owners.

All our information is developed and vetted by seasoned financial advisors and retirement advisors including CPAs, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners.

Because financial information can be outdated very quickly by changes in tax laws, tax rates and estate planning rules, please consult your retirement advisor or CPA.

Note that business exit planning advice is complex because it straddles many financial areas:

  • Fair Market Business Valuations
  • Deal Structure Analysis
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Asset Preservation
  • Business Expense Reduction
  • Strategies to Increase Revenue
  • Business Debt Reduction Programs
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Transfer Experience
  • For Sale By Owner Programs
  • Retirement Assessment

Sometimes, but not often, a CPA or attorney may be sufficiently well rounded to advise in all of the above areas. But typically, their knowledge is more focused and concentrated on tax issues or estate planning.

Our Transfer Planning Specialists have a broad knowledge of all of these areas and then use your specialists or call in a specialist when needed.

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